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It can be scary and frustrating when your child doesn’t seem like themselves. You feel like you have tried everything and you are worried it will get worse. Teenagers often struggle understanding and expressing their emotions and don’t always know to ask for help. They are experiencing more pressures from school, peers, and social media than ever before which can lead to decreased self-esteem, increased depression and anxiety, and overwhelming loneliness. When dealing with experiences and emotions, destructive behavior can often be their response and way to cope. Therapy for adolescents and teens can help them improve their overall functioning at home, school, within the family, and with peers. 

Individual Therapy


I believe one of the most important aspects of working with adolescents is forming a compassionate relationship with them. I provide a non-judgmental space for everyone to express their thoughts and emotions openly. Therapy is a safe space to talk about anything and everything that is bothering you.

I have a broad range of experience and expertise in providing therapy to adolescents in a variety of settings, including individual and group outpatient therapy, day treatment programs, and in schools.

Benefits of Adolescent Therapy


  • gain language for expressing emotions

  • learn coping strategies to reduce emotional distress

  • feel happier and less stressed out

  • increase awareness of negative core beliefs and automatic negative thoughts

  • become more confident and comfortable with who you are

  • develop and engage in meaningful and healthy relationships

  • feel more connected and less lonely

"Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people."

-Fred Rogers


1409 Willow St. Suite 109

Minneapolis, MN 55403

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